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Web Hosting is basically a company, who rents to you space on their servers, for your site files.



When you make a site and need other individuals to see it, you’ll need to upload your site files on a web hosting provider.

Web hosting is like a huge high-speed server connected to a high-speed network. When somebody clicks your website link address or Url, (for example,, the Internet immediately links up with the web server holding your uploaded site files, (which is your website) and it then downloads your blog info to the viewer computer. From that point, they can then surf and view the various pages on your site.


Anything to do with dealing with these servers and the software, security, bandwidth, support, and speed ect., is basically what hosting is about! A hosting company may provide hosting to millions of websites, they have unique server locations that are developed starting from scratch to supply the needs of website owners.

Remember that you need to have some sort of domain name so your site will show up on the Internet. This domain name is basically your Internet address; the same way you live at a specific postal address, a domain name is used so someone can locate your site. Considering this, you may choose a name that contains a specific phrase you want to automatically optimize, or you may wish to simply incorporate the name of your company or brand into it.

Purchasing a domain is pretty easy and most of the time you can get a fresh domain for under 20 bucks. Some companies like Namecheap even include free Whois privacy protection. You can also usually get hosting services from the same provider you purchased the domain from.

There are also, or course, free video hosting companies like Youtube and Vimeo that maintain servers which hold video file uploads for account holders. These companies receive their revenue from advertisers who supply them with video ads which the hosting providers then incorporate into the account holders uploaded videos and are then circulated through the viewing population. This would be similar to T.V. advertising. Marketing can also be done by uploading a custom marketing video and then optimizing it to rank in the search engines so more people see it, the more people who see it, the more marketing conversions you may have.

This type of promotion is becoming more popular and effective to utilize video marketing and optimization as part of their main strategy to help their clients achieve fiscal marketing objectives.

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What is Hosting
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