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Purchasing an expired domain can help when setting up a new blog because the expired domain may have some existing good quality backlinks.


It’s important that the existing backlinks are topically relevant to your new blogs core writing theme. For example, an expired domain that has topical backlinks from internet, hosting, and online marketing sites, would be great to start a new blog about web and marketing tips.

Expired domains are the domains that have not been renewed. So many bloggers forget to renew their domains and some of them might not have the money to renew. Domain registrar’s usually gives 30 days extension to renew a domain, but often times, someone may have started a blog and then lost interest in it, thus will let it go.

If a person fails to renew their domain in these 30 days, then the domain is declared as expired domain. The domain registrar starts bidding for the domain. The bidding usually lasts for 7 days and the domain is given to the highest bidder.

The following are the best ways for finding good domain names…


1: Hire an Expert to Find, Analyze, and Purchase the Domain

This is by far the best move. Hiring a Kingston SEO expert can eliminate the costly long term mistakes you might make in your selection. This would be similar to moving to a new city where you’ve never lived, you want to be sure your buying good quality, in a good area, and at a fair price.

2: Check Authority and Trust of the Domain

There are so many websites that you can use to pick expired domains. Check the TF (Trust Flow) and the DA(Domain Authority) of the expired domain you want to buy. Use an  anaysis tool like those at Majestic SEO to check these metrics. Make sure that the expired domain you are buying has DA 25+ and it should have Trust Flow of at least 10.

3: Check if Domain is Banned from Google

Check the expired domain you want to buy with Google Banned Checker. You can find expired domains that are good-looking, have high PA and DA. These domains won’t help you if Google has banned them from their search results. Buy the domain names that have not been banned.

If the expired domain has been banned, but you still want to buy it, you can use Google reconsideration request using the Google Search Console. Request them to review the new content of your blog and you should be OK.

4: Check for Pre-Existing Google AdSense Ban

Google has banned hundreds expired domains from their Google AdSense Program. If you want to build a website using an expired domain, then you should check it using this tool before building the website. The reason why you are buying the domain is to make money. You won’t make money if the domain has been banned.

5: Check the Page Rank

It is important to check the Page Rank of the expired domain you want to buy, because the page rank of most of these domains has been manipulated. You might be caught if use these domains. This means that your website will be penalized. Use Fake PR Checker tools to check the page rank of the expired domains. You can also use other tools to check the page rank of the expired domain.

Here is a video to explain the advantages of using expired domains for your new blog.

You can skip to the 5 minute mark. This is where the author points out the advantage of using this type of domain as a foundation to build a new website. You should not use expired domains to build a pbn as this is a very complicated process and very risky.

These are the factors you should consider before buying expired domains. Make sure that you are only buying good domains that have not been banned.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying Expired Domains